FCA Commemorative Brick

Honor Those who Worked at Fernald & Raise Funds for the FCA

Former EMPLOYEES, Retirees, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Former Residents, Neighbors, and community groups associated with the fernald department of energy site – RECOGNIZE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED HARD OVER THE YEARS TO SUPPORT PRODUCTION AND REMEDIATION ACTIVITIES AT FERNALD BY DEDICATING A BRICK IN THEIR HONOR.

Brick Dedication & Order Form [ PDF ]

Brick Details

The FCA Commemorative bricks are permanent, 4” x 8”, fired clay bricks, engraved with your name, connection to fernald, and dates will pave the paths of the cold war garden for all to read and reflect.

If you have any questions, please call 513-348-0213.

The engaving will consist of three lines of capital letters, numbers, or spaces. 13 characters are the limit on each of the three lines. Please plan on scrap paper, then neatly print your desired inscription on the order form. Brick dedication & order form [ pdf ]

NOTE: The only punctuation allowed is dash, slash, or parenthesis.

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