FLHP Interview Transcripts

The Fernald Living History Project (FLHP). FLHP started in 1997 in and effort to record and preserve all aspects of Fernald's history, including land acquisition, construction, Cold War production, the workers, environmental contamination, citizen involvement, studies, cleanup and restoration. A large part of this effort was conducting and archiving over 130 video interviews with past workers, citizens, government officials and regulators, who were involved with Fernald's history. Transcripts (PDF files) of these interviews are listed below.

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Name Role/Responsibility
Nancy Abbot area resident
Weldon Adams Assistant Plant Manager, National Lead Company of Ohio
Charlie Alvis  
John Applegate former chair, Fernald Citizens Advisory Board
Sam Audia Plant Manager, National Lead Company of Ohio
Paul Ball former employee
George Bassitt former employee
L. French Bell former member Fernald Citizens Advisory Board, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Jim Bierer former Fernald Citizens Advisory Board chair, area resident
John Edgar Blasedel former employee
Mike Boback former employee
DuWane Bonfer former employee
Gene Branham former employee
Dave Brettschneider Proj. Mgr. Aquifer Restoration Wastewater Project, Fluor Fernald
Lou & Bob Brewsaugh area resident
Bill Britton Site Manager, Westinghouse-Fernald
Homer Bruce former employee
Lew Buck area resident
Mary Burdett area resident
Arnold Capano former employee
Dennis Carr Vice President, Fluor Fernald
Stan Chesley lawyer for citizens lawsuit
Marvin Clawson former member, Fernald Citizens Advisory Board
Melvin "Doc" Cleeter former employee
Carol Knollman Colgate area resident
Bob Copeland area resident
Donald Cook former employee 
Margie Cook daughter of former employee
Joe Conrad area resident
Jack Craig Manager, DOE-Fernald,
Ohio Field Office
Ken Crawford member Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health, area resident
Lisa Crawford president Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health, area resident
Rudy Crawford former employee
Paul Criswill former employee
Paul Davies former employee, area resident
Steve Depoe area resident, university professor
Karl Dilhoff area resident
Peggy Doherty former employee
Cecil Duff former employee
Don Dunaway former employee
Pam Dunn member, Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Healthformer member Fernald Citizens Advisory Board, area resident
Dave Fankhauser university professor
Joe Feiertag former reporter,
Hamilton Journal-News
Dan Finfrock former resident
Jim Fiore former employee, DOE-Fernald
Jerry Frietag former employee
Marion Fuchs former landowner
Robert Gardner former employee
Mary Gellert former employee
Bernie Gessiness former employee
Don Gieringer area resident
Rhonda Gilliam-Smith former employee
Jerry Green former employee
Janet Greenwell former employee
Claude Griffin former employee
Hillman Grubbs former employee, area resident
Melba Guard area resident
Jane Harper Crosby Township Trustee
Richard Heatherton former employee
Jeff Hillard poet, university professor
John Holliday former employee
Nancy Holliday former employee
Anita Holmes former resident
Milton Holstein former employee
Maurice Hornbach former employee
Jon Hughes photographer, university professor
Dick Kasparek former employee
William "Pete" Kelley former employee
Corilla, Kenneth, and Teresa Kelly widow and children of former employee
Bob Kispert former employee
Jim Kloth former employee
Bill Knollman area resident
Harold Knue former employee
Barbara Kurtz area resident
Carolyn Lake area resident
Louis Levy former employee
Claire Marchant former employee
Mark Maxwell Fort Scott camp director
Jim Miller Resident
Graham Mitchell former Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulator
Ken Morgan DOE Public Affairs
Mildred Jenny Myers area resident
Bob Neal former employee
Dottie Nieman area resident, local business
Ethage John Nieman former employee, local business
Al O’Connor former employee
Brenda Perkins former employee
Dan Phares Fort Scott camp counselor
Susan Pinney university professor, health researcher
Charles "Dick" Porter former employee
Rob Portman former Congressman, 2nd district of Ohio
Glen Price resident, former employee
Roxanne Qualls &bnsp;
D. Loucetta "Lucy" Rathgens former employee
Richard "Dick" Rathgens former employee
John Renck former employee
Tom Renck resident, local business
Elmer Riestenberg former employee
Ida Rosenberger area resident
Doug Sarno facilitator, Fernald Citizens Advisory Board
William Satory native American
Rich Shank Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulator
Tom Schneider Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulator
Bob Schwab former employee
Nick Schwab Morgan Township Trustee
Cliff Schwan former employee
Bernice Schwing area resident
Bob Schwing area resident
Ruth Sellet area resident
Velma Shearer interested citizen
Tim Sisson area resident, son of former employee
Loyd Smith former employee, area resident
Gene Sneed former employee
Jesse Sosby former employee
Gary Storer Crosby Township Trustee
Stanley Strimple former employee
Warren Strunk former Crosby Township Trustee
Carl Summe area resident and farmer
Bob Tabor former employee
Larry Tepe former employee
Ora Jane Tipton area resident
Michael Townsend former employee
Helen Underwood former employee
Sue Verkamp area resident
Tom Wagner former member of FCAB
Hillery Webb former employee, member Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health
Bob Weidner former employee
Steve Wentzel former employee
Chantee West former employee
Gene Willeke former member,
Fernald Citizens Advisory Board
Raymond Wolf former employee
Robert Wones head physician,
Fernald Medical Monitoring
Raymond Wuest area resident
Edwa Yocum officer, Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health, and health effects advocate, area resident
Charles Young area resident






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