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2024 Meeting Schedule

  • February 20
  • May 7
  • August 20
  • November 19
  • All meetings are open to the public and will be held at the Fernald Preserve starting at 6:30 pm.

    Fernald Bird Count

    Fernald Bird Count - As of December 2020, 253 species of birds have been identified so far at the Fernald Preserve compared to 163 species in 2007. We expect this list to increase as prairies, wetlands and forests mature. Our thanks to the DOE Legacy Management/Stoller for this bird count.

    The curent bird list can be found here.

    First Link: The Story of Fernald - UPDATE

    Dear Fernald Stakeholder:

    Last year many of you were contacted as the Fernald Community Alliance (FCA) was proposing to make a DVD telling the complete story of Fernald cleanup and restoration. That project has evolved considerably and it is now more focused on the Fernald lessons learned as described below in the project synopsis:

    Roadmap to Resolution: Communities, Government and Corporations Solving Complex Challenges provides the Fernald Community Alliance (FCA) with a vehicle to educate other groups about how productive relationships evolved between government, regulators and community members during the 20 years of the Fernald cleanup. Ultimately, this project will incorporate a website which includes videos, training sessions both at the Fernald Preserve and at other locations, written materials and focused team-building exercises. Our goal is to provide the tools corporations, grassroots community organizations, universities, and local, state and federal government agencies need to forge trusting, productive relationships. These relationships are integral to successfully solving complex environmental, public health, community planning and resource development challenges. At this point, we've received a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund for Phase One of the project, which involves in depth interviews that describe how such collaborative relationships evolved at Fernald and feedback sessions with our collaborators.

    Project collaborators include area educators, the Fernald Preserve, the US Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management, Miami University, the University of Cincinnati, the Fernald Community Health Effects Committee (FCHEC), and the Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health (FRESH).

    If you would like to donate to this project, please send donations to:

    Fernald Community Alliance
    PO Box 156
    Ross, Ohio 45061

    Please write "Roadmap to Resolution" on your check.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Graham Mitchell, President, Fernald Community Alliance

    Honor Those who Worked at Fernald & Raise Funds for the FCA

    Former EMPLOYEES, Retirees, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Former Residents, Neighbors, and community groups associated with the fernald department of energy site – RECOGNIZE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED HARD OVER THE YEARS TO SUPPORT PRODUCTION AND REMEDIATION ACTIVITIES AT FERNALD BY DEDICATING A BRICK IN THEIR HONOR.   Additional Information...dot Brick Dedication & Order Form [ PDF ]

    The Fernald Living History Project (FLHP).

    FLHP started in 1997 in and effort to record and preserve all aspects of Fernald's history, including land acquisition, construction, Cold War production, the workers, environmental contamination, citizen involvement, studies, cleanup and restoration.

    The Fernald Living History Project Interview Transcripts can be viewed here.

    Make a Donation to the FCA!

    The Fernald Community Alliance (FCA) is working with the Department of Energy (DOE) on projects related to historical preservation, education, displays, trails, signage, etc. as we all work to make the Fernald Preserve an educational center and regional destination.  DOE has federal funding for many projects.  However, DOE will not be able to fund all the projects needed to get the facility up and running.  Funding from private sources such as FCA will be critical to help make the Fernald Preserve a success.

    Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fernald Community Alliance. Donation Form [PDF]

    Membership Information

    Become a member and help make the Fernald Preserve an educational center and destination for the region. Membership dues are only $10/year for an individual or $15/year for a family. Please fill out this membership form and mail to the FCA to become a member.

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